Technical Magnets Therapy (TMT)
Terapia con la Tecnica dei Magneti

Technical Magnetic Therapy (TMT) is a medical therapy that represent an innovative treatment system of all those issues related to postural reprogramming.
Its use is extended in the field of Physical Therapies, Orthopaedic, Neurosurgery and obviously in the field of Rehabilitation.
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TMT is involved in static magnetic fields.
Static magnet fields, as a definition, do not change in time and therefore do not oscillate (frequency zero and Hz zero).
They are as a consequence not related to electric fields like electromagnetic fields are.
These simple facts allocate the TMT in a clinical/scientific arena of absolute safety, and observing the specifications of the top regulatory Organisations (OMS, ICNIRP).
TMT utilises magnetic inductions close to 2500 Gauss.
As a meter of comparison MRI, utilised in clinical assessments, utilises inductions between 2 and 4 Tesla (sometimes up to 8).
1 Tesla is 10,000 Gauss.
TMT utilises permanent magnets, better defined as Neodymium Sensors, together with occlusion bites and foot orthotics.
The Sensors, the bites and the foot orthotics are studied and created only for the TMT and therefore have characteristics and information specific and unique.

Such a complementary union of instruments and methods, unchangeable and rigorously coded, represents the foundation and the fundamental essence of TMT.

The first aspect to be clarified is that TMT is not to be confused with the classical magnetic therapy (intended as the therapy that uses magnetic fields created by instruments); at least in its fundamental principals.
This distinguishes and make TMT unique in respect to any other therapy or/and philosophy that is considering and using the magnetic fields applied to biology.
Whereas classical magnetic therapy utilises magnetic fields through the use of medical instruments, with merely an anti-inflammatory effect, TMT utilises contrapposed magnetic fields to create unique and new forces that depending on the polarity obtained from this magnetic contrapposition are able to generate an attractive or expansive force.
“Playing” with these forces, in an apparently simple and intuitive way, we are able to explore completely new clinical and scientific horizons and obtain really extraordinary results.
TMT is indicated in osseous, articular and muscular problematics of the whole body structure. The elected field of application is the postural reprogramming.
With this term is intended the complex work on the body structure aimed at the alteration of those dysfunctional components and/ apparatus.
It is known that the modification of a structure inevitably leads to an adaptation or the creation of an effect on another close or even remote related structure.

Below we list the main problematics treated:

Cranium TMJ (Temporal mandibular joint)



Spine Neck ache
Thoracic pain
Lower back pain
Pelvic pain
Sciatic pain
Degenerative joint disease
Arthritides and Arthrosis
General osseous and muscular pathologies
Post-operative Rehabilitation



Upper and Lower Limbs Arthritides and Arthrosis
General osseous and muscular pathologies
Post-operative Rehabilitation
There are just a few contraindication to TMT:
  • Pregnancy(even if only suspected)
  • Pace maker
  • Rare cases of intolerance to the tapes used on the skin